Order Routing

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Order Routing sets out the approach taken by Charles Schwab SG, Pte. Ltd. in seeking to ensure that the best outcome is obtained for its clients on a consistent basis when executing client orders or receiving and transmitting orders to third parties for execution. It considers the requirements of the Monetary Authority of Singapore SFA 04-N16 Notice on Execution of Customer Order ("MAS SFA 04-N16") and associated Guidelines ("Guidelines").

The Best Execution Obligation

The Guidelines outline requirements relating to the placement and execution of customers' orders on the best available terms, i.e., "Best Execution". The Guidelines require a capital markets intermediary to establish and implement Best Execution policies and procedures considering a range of factors. The factors may include prices, costs, speed, likelihood of execution and settlement, size and nature of the order, or any other considerations relevant to the placement and/or execution of the order.